Leisure activities

July 8th - July 15th 2023


During the official academic programme our participants will visit some of the most prestigious public institutions in Prague, where they will not only receive an inside look into the premises, but will also take part in lectures with experts working directly in these institutions.

The list of excursions is the following (yet some might still be added at a later stage):

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

Our participants will get a unique opportunity to tour the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, of which history and architecture is a prized possesion of the Czech nation. This private tour will be followed up by a lecture with a high-level stakeholder and diplomat in the area of climate agenda:

Ms. Bronislava Tomášová, Chair of the MFA Working Group on Climate and Green Transition Diplomacy

The lecture will focus on the climate agenda in the context of foreign policy!


Chamber of Deputies Parliament of the Czech Republic

Our students will take a walk through the premises of the Chamber of Deputies Parliament and will get the chance to take part in a lecture with a member whose work is focusing on the climate agenda:

Ms. Klára Kocmanová, Member of Chamber of Deputies Parliament of the Czech Republic


Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

The third excursion will lead our students to the Office of the Government, where the participants will sit down with two experts and debate the climate and European agenda from the Czech perspective into more detail:

Eva Húsková, Director of the European Affairs Communication Department, Section for European Affairs

Iva Kope─Źná, Head of European Policy Coordination Department 

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