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July 8th - July 15th 2023


List of lecturers 2022

We are currently working on the academic programme for 2023. In the meantime, you can check out our list of lecturers from last year’s summer school titled: Confronting the past to win the future: Are we ready for smart, prosperous, secure and green Europe?

Michal Hrubý

Michal Hrubý has completed his master’s degree in economics at Škoda Auto University and is now looking for an opportunity to pursue a PhD. His research focuses on green economics, industrial decarbonisation and consumer behaviour. He has been contributing to the student journal EkonTech since 2020. During his master’s studies he participated in a student grant competition project focusing on sustainable consumption behaviour. His research focuses on green economics and industrial decarbonisation. In his last project, he focused on the Czech automotive sector & transport decarbonisation. Currently, he works on a CEE-wide project for carbon capture and storage deployment. 

Jan Daniel

Jan Daniel is a researcher and the Head of the Centre for the Study of Global Regions as well as coordinator of its Middle East and Africa Politics Unit. He obtained his PhD in International Relations at the Institute of Political Studies at the Charles University. He has been a visiting researcher at the European University Institute, Free University of Berlin or Orient-Institut Beirut. His professional interests include politics and security in the Middle East (with a particular focus on Lebanon and Syria), peacekeeping, peacebuilding and statebuilding, Czech foreign and security policy towards the MENA countries and the debate on hybrid warfare. Theoretically, he is mostly interested in anthropological and post-structuralist approaches to international politics and international political sociology. He is a member of Editorial Team of the Czech Journal of International Relations and the IIR liaison point to the Euromesco network.

Aneta Zachová

Aneta Zachová is an editor-in-chief of, an on-line medium followed by policy professionals which is a part of pan-European media network EURACTIV. Within her editorial work, she is covering and analysing the European Union affairs. She is PhD candidate in International Relations and European Politics at Masaryk University in Brno. Her dissertation focuses on the European Union in the times of crises. She graduated from International Relations at Masaryk University. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and Journalism.

Marcel Kolaja

Marcel Kolaja has been a member of the Pirate Party since 2010. In 2019, he was elected a Member of the European Parliament, where he also served as its Vice-President until 2022. He now serves as Quaestor in Parliament’s Bureau. He is thus in charge of administration and financial matters related to the running of the institution. Marcel Kolaja is also the 1st Vice-Chairman of the Pirate Party. He studied computer science at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University in Brno.

Within the European Parliament, he also serves on the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO), the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT), and the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age (AIDA). Then, in the delegations for relations with the United States (D-US) and India (D-IN).

He focuses on topics related to the functioning of society in the digital age. It promotes open technologies, freedom on the Internet, media independence, transparency, and a united Europe.

Katarína Svitková

Katarína Svitková, Ph.D. is an Associate Research Fellow at EUROPEUM, focusing on areas of climate and resilience policy. She earned a Bachelor degree in International Area Studies and a Master’s degree in Security Studies from Charles University (CU) in Prague. She completed a PhD in International Relations at the Department of Security Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences of the CU, focusing on urban governance and resilience policy of cities. She conducted a part of her studies at the University of Miami (FL) and the University of Granada (Spain).Katarina has worked in the area of international higher education. Also, she focused on research in security studies and policy analysis at the CU, leading and participating in several international research projects. Her PhD research has concluded in a monograph on city resilience published by Routledge / Taylor and Francis in 2021.

Martina Tauberová

Ms. Martina Tauberová served as Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic between 2019 and April 2022. She was responsible for EU affairs and international trade. In this capacity, she led a team of professionals preparing priorities of the Czech Presidency of the EU in the second half of this year, in areas of EU industry and internal market, as well as EU Trade policy. Under her leadership, the Czech Republic has acted as a strong promoter of an active EU trade policy and of a balanced approach toward offensive and defensive EU trade policy tools.
Ms. Tauberová was born in 1976. After receiving a master’s degree in International Economic Relations at the University of Economics in Prague in 2000, she obtained International Parliamentary Internship in the German Bundestag and a scholarship at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Later she was admitted to the Diplomatic Academy of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and started her almost 20 years long diplomatic career. Between 2002 and 2006, she served as Political Officer at the Czech Embassy to the U.S. in Washington, DC., and between 2014 and 2019 as Head of the Economic Section at the Czech Embassy in Vienna. In the meantime, she worked in various positions in the MFA in Prague, focusing on the European and transatlantic agenda.

Adéla Jiřičková

Adéla Jiřičková currently works at the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic as part of the European Defence Cooperation Unit. She deals with the CSDP topics as well as with the preparations and conduct of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU. Her previous experience includes among others a short-term posting at the European External Action Service in Brussels as well as at NATO Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, USA.

Radim Simek

Radim Samek works with the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. For 14 years he has been dealing with EU and NATO and their role in the defence policy of the Czech Republic. Currently he serves as a head of an EU Unit that deals with the development of the CSDP and the security and defence activities within the EU more broadly as well as with the preparations and conduct of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU. His previous postings include defence advisory positions within the Permanent Representation to the EU as well as the Permanent Delegation to NATO.

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