Academic program

July 8th - July 15th 2023


The programme of this year’s European Summer School will enhance your understanding of the complex web of social, security, and economic challenges posed by climate change, and the European Union policies that seek to address them.

How will climate change impact the competencies and role of the EU as member states face diverging impacts of climate change? Can the EU deepen its cohesion and integration amidst concerns of a climate-induced multispeed-Europe? Can the EU become a geopolitical leader in the green transformation and adequately inspire green ambitions globally? Is the European Green Deal and its associated packages fit to curb climate change and its negative impacts, such as rising socio-economic inequality? How effective are the EU’s just transition initiatives toward marginalised regions and groups? What are the current security threats posed by climate change? How will climate-induced migration affect the EU’s existing asylum and migration framework? How resilient is the European economy as it undergoes the twin transitions of green and digital?  Are our European cities resilient enough in the face of unprecedented global warming? The summer school will explore these questions and more.

The lectures and workshops will cover the following topics:

  • Climate security
  • Climate policies of the EU
  • Just transition
  • Energy security and renewables
  • EU economy in transition
  • Climate migration
  • Resilience of cities
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