Academic program

July 24th - July 31st 2021


The programme of this year’s European Summer School will revolve around Europe´s pandemic recovery in its various dimensions as well as include other contemporary issues that the Union faces and are gaining importance.

How should the post-pandemic recovery of Europe look like? How to recover European Union´s economies while keeping up with the goals set by the Green Deal? What is the future of the EU-US relations under the new Biden presidency? Where does the EU stand with its quest for strategic autonomy and how does the pandemic influence it? How to tackle the rising disinformation threat? What is the future of the Visegrad 4? How can the EU work on strenghtening the EU values and rule of law among its member states? How can the EU trade policy and internal economic reforms help the situation? The summer school will explore these questions and more.

The lectures and workshops will cover the following themes:

  • green dimension of the post-pandemic recovery
  • Visegrad 4
  • future of EU-US relations under the new US administration
  • European strategic autonomy
  • disinformation
  • rule of law
  • European values
  • economic recovery
  • EU trade policy
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