Costs and conditions

July 16th - July 23rd 2022


650 EUR / 720 USD

Fee covers:

  • Tuition (lectures, workshops, excursions) and reading materials
  • Accommodation
  • Two meals per day (breakfast and lunch/or dinner)
  • Travel pass for public transport in Prague
  • Cultural activities, sports and other special events
  • Support of our team during your entire stay at summer school

Fee does NOT cover travel costs to Prague and other personal expenses (e.g. pocket money).

Scholarships and financial aid

Please note that unfortunately the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy is not able to provide students with any additional scholarships. To help cover the fee and travel expenses, students are encouraged to explore funding opportunities available through non-governmental organisations and governmental sources, such as the Open Society Foundation, German Political Foundations (Stiftung), U.S. Embassies or their country’s embassy in the Czech Republic. Local businesses, corporations and employers are often a source for additional scholarship help. We are happy to provide a letter of support for you.

Many of our students also receive grants from their respective universities, through various mobility grants. Try to contact your university for help!

Cancellation policy

If you find that you cannot participate in the summer school for any reason and yet have already paid the fee, we will refund 90% of the tuition at any moment up until June 12, 2022. The remaining 10% sum will be used to cover transfer fees, labour costs, and the cancellation fees of our partners. If you want to cancel your participation after June 12, 2022, however, we cannot reimburse you the paid tuition fee.

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