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July 16th - July 23rd 2022

About the school

The European Summer School in Prague is an intensive 8-day learning programme focused on European integration. It is organized by one of the leading think tanks in Prague, EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, in co-operation with the Charles University Faculty of Social Sciences.

This year’s European Summer School was titled “Confronting the past to win the future: Are we ready for smart, prosperous, secure and green Europe?” and it took place in Prague between 16th – 23rd July 2022.

To what extent can past experiences provide us with opportunities for better focused policies and actions that could push Europe in the right direction? What steps are necessary to implement in order to strengthen the geopolitical position of the European Union in times of global turmoil? Are Europe’s efforts sufficient enough in fighting against the global climate crisis, at home and globally? Do we have effective ways to deal with our energy dependency to better fit current and future needs of the continent? What measures need to be implemented to enable the European economy to fully prosper given the challenges tied to the pandemic recovery, unstable inflation rates or currently imposed sanctions leading to trade barriers? What role will digitalization and green transition have in enhancing a flourishing economy and society? How can the European Union upgrade its procedures to attain real internal coherence of its members with respect to rule of law and democracy renewal?

Our participants were able to find out the answers to these questions in Prague, at the 19th annual European Summer School!

If you have missed the chance to be part of this year’s edition, do not worry! The ESS Team is looking forward to welcoming you to Prague next summer in 2023, for the 20th edition of the European Summer School in Prague!



EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, the organiser of the European Summer School Prague, is following the rules set out by the General Data Protection Regulation. You can find out more about it here

When you fill in the application form to take part in the European Summer School Prague, we receive your name, gender, university affiliation, date of birth, phone number, email, country and contact address. We store it for our internal informative purposes and we never provide any of your personal data to any third parties.

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