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July 8th - July 15th 2023


Read what our previous students have to say about the European Summer School Prague!

"This is one of the best experiences abroad I´ve had. The organization did an amazing job, everything went smoothly and the schedulewas filled with both interesting lectures and workshops as enough leisure activities.

I met some wonderful people here from all over the world. I would most definitely recommend students with a passion for politics, the EU, law and learning in general to attend this summer school!"

Vic, Belgium

"Great program for academic exchange, network building and broadening one´s own horizon. Excellent organisation by the Europeum team with multiple exciting program points throughout the week. Highly recommended!"

Claudio, Austria

"This was a great experience that I recommend to every person wanting to learn more about Europe and the EU functioning and dynamics. The program and the organization were great, mixing perfectly lectures and fun activities with incredible people. If you decide to enrol, you definitely won´t regret it."

Flora, Belgium

"Hi everyone!

My name is Emiel Dijkman and two years ago I took part in the European Summer School in Prague. I learned a lot from all the interesting lectures and discussions, which inspired me to write papers on the various topics that we discussed.

Apart from the lectures, it was also really fun and interesting to meet so many like-minded people and spend 10 days together, discovering Prague and all its cool spots. I still have contact with some of the people and I am sure I will meet some of them again further on in our careers.

In my case, the ESS definitely paid off, as I am now doing an internship at EUROPEUM’s Brussels office. Participating at the summer school definitely gave me an advantage in securing this great opportunity.

I can recommend anyone who is interested in the EU and the many issues surrounding it to join the ESS, to experience Prague, make new friends from all over the world and maybe even take a new step in your career."

Emiel, the Netherlands

“Taking part in the ESS last summer has been an amazing experience which I’d recommend to anyone. I don’t know which part I loved most: the beautiful city of Prague, the full program or the lovely people I’ve met!“

Rosan, the Netherlands

“The Summer School not only provided a great balance between classes and cultural experiences in Prague, but also the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who wants to learn more about Central Europe and the European Union.“
Nicholas, Australia

“ESS Prague is a great opportunity for all those willing to improve their knowledge on EU issues and politics. Compliments to all the people involved in organizing the top event! You are really great, guys!“
Liliya, Bulgaria

“I absolutely loved the program I learned a ton from it! Plus, living in Prague was an absolutely amazing time!“
Conan, USA

“I had an absolutely fantastic, unforgettable experience both academically and socially I didn’t want to leave!“
Miranda, United Kingdom

“I will always remember with great pleasure the time that I spent at the European Summer School in Prague! The incredible people that I have met from all over the world, the professionals who shared their knowledge, the warmth of the organizers and the spectacular sights in Prague made it a perfect ’get-away’ for the summer. Furthermore, the material distributed in the seminars proved to be very useful for my studies. I strongly recommend it to everyone!“
Otilia, Romania

“I took part in the ESS back in 2005: 12 years on, I still have vivid memories of what turned out to be...an amazing experience! Meeting people from all over the world, debating with passion on political issues and European matters, discovering Prague’s charm day after day... Aged 21, it was probably the first time I felt part of a wider community that extended beyond national borders. This European feeling, this thirst for cross-cultural interactions, they haven’t stop since then: the decision to enroll in the Erasmus programme followed the same path, as well the internship done in Brussels and my choice to eventually settle down in Paris. Highly recommended!

Dario, Italy

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