About ESS

July 14th - July 24th 2018


The first European Summer School took place in 2003. Since then, the programme has been assessed and updated regularly, based on our experience and students' feedback, with a sincere wish to make it as useful and enjoyable as possible. The proof of our success in this mission is simple - we are happy to invite you to already the 13th year of the European Summer School!

The topics differ from year to year, but the common denominator of our summer school programme stays the same – European integration.  The second constantly present unique aspect is the Central European perspective that our lecturers offer. Every year, we invite experts from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary to join their Czech colleagues in sharing their views with the students. 

Over the years, Central Europe's relation to the European Union has changed significantly. At the beginning, we were just candidate countries - now we have already celebrated the 10th anniversary of accession. And every summer, related news and recent developments were discussed at the European Summer School. Join us this year! 

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